Eraser Studio, a prominent photography and video agency located in Los Angeles, recently teamed up with Barabas, a renowned men’s clothing brand, to create an extraordinary Fourth of July 2023 campaign. Led by the talented director Ali Hoss and featuring the skilled photographer Sanaz Mahdi, Eraser Studio brought their creative vision to life, capturing stunning fashion photoshoots and captivating video content. The campaign showcased the vibrant spirit of Barabas clothing, perfectly embodying the essence of the festive American holiday.

A Fusion of Fashion and Patriotism:

Under the expert guidance of Ali Hoss, Eraser Studio embarked on a mission to merge fashion and patriotism in the Barabas brand’s Fourth of July campaign. By infusing the shoot with an unmistakable American flair, the team aimed to celebrate the nation’s independence while highlighting the stylish and contemporary designs offered by Barabas.

Photography Expertise by Sanaz Mahdi:

Renowned photographer Sanaz Mahdi played a crucial role in capturing the essence of the campaign. Known for her exceptional talent in visual storytelling, Mahdi skillfully directed the models and utilized her expertise in lighting and composition to create mesmerizing images. Her attention to detail and ability to bring out the best in each garment showcased the fashion-forward appeal of Barabas clothing.

Creative Videography by Ali Hoss, Maria Gladkova, and Saeid Anvar:

The Eraser Studio team didn’t stop at photography alone. Led by Ali Hoss, the director, and supported by videographers Maria Gladkova and Saeid Anvar, the team embarked on an exhilarating journey to produce captivating video content. Their combined skills in cinematography, editing, and storytelling allowed them to create dynamic and visually striking videos that perfectly complemented the campaign’s theme.

Bringing Barabas Clothing to Life:

Throughout the photoshoots and video shoots, Eraser Studio focused on showcasing Barabas clothing in all its glory. The models wore a carefully curated selection of the brand’s stylish outfits, reflecting Barabas’ dedication to contemporary fashion and unique designs. From tailored suits to casual ensembles, the campaign offered a comprehensive glimpse into the brand’s versatile offerings.

Location: The Heart of Los Angeles:

Given their base in Los Angeles, Eraser Studio took full advantage of the city’s vibrant energy and iconic landmarks. The campaign’s locations included bustling streets, picturesque beachfronts, and landmarks synonymous with Los Angeles, serving as a perfect backdrop for the fusion of fashion and the Fourth of July celebration.

Eraser Studio’s collaboration with Barabas for the Fourth of July 2023 campaign showcased the creative genius of director Ali Hoss, photographer Sanaz Mahdi, and videographers Ali Hoss, Maria Gladkova, and Saeid Anvar. Through their collective vision and expertise, they successfully captured the spirit of American patriotism and the contemporary fashion appeal of Barabas clothing. The campaign stands as a testament to Eraser Studio’s ability to deliver visually stunning and emotionally engaging content, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and further solidifying Barabas’ position as a fashion-forward brand.