After having recently toured through Rotterdam, Stockholm, and Vienna, with another stop scheduled for Vancouver on November 9th, the accomplished and always dapper Persian entertainer, Dr. Shahkar Bineshpajooh, will soon make his long-awaited return to the City of Angels at the Microsoft Theater on Saturday, November 30th, at 8:30 pm. Los Angeles boasts the largest contingent of Persians outside of Iran with a reported population as large as 500,000, many of whom are already looking forward to Shahkar Bineshpajooh concert as it guarantees an eclectic musical presentation that not only celebrates the Persian spirit but a cultural diversity spanning the globe.

You can see some of Shahkar Bineshpajooh concert photos below:

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Concert Photography Shahkar Bineshpajooh Eraser Studio Los Angeles

Shahkar Bineshpajooh (Persian: شاهکار بینش‌پژوه‎, born 1972 in TehranIran) is an Iranian poet, composer, and singer. He studied political geography, urban planning, and music composition. He received his doctorate degree in urban planning in 2002 with high honors.