Eraser Studio has brought to life the vibrant essence of “Shaparak,” a Persian musical based on Bijan Mofid’s acclaimed work “Shaparak Khanoom.” The photography, crafted by the talented Ali Hoss and Sanaz Mhadi, beautifully encapsulates the spirit and intricate details of this theatrical production, directed by Mostafa Ghorbanpour.

A Visual Symphony: Photography by Ali Hoss and Sanaz Mhadi

The photography duo Ali Hoss and Sanaz Mhadi from Eraser Studio have adeptly captured the dynamic scenes and emotional depth of “Shaparak.” Their lenses tell a compelling visual story, reflecting the musical’s blend of traditional Persian elements with modern theatrical flair. Every shot is a testament to their skill, highlighting the elaborate costumes, expressive performances, and enchanting set design that transports the audience into the world of “Shaparak.”

A Collaborative Artistic Vision

Under the direction of Mostafa Ghorbanpour, “Shaparak” emerges as a rich, multi-layered production. Ghorbanpour’s direction, coupled with the musical compositions of Grammy winner Hamid Saeidi, creates a mesmerizing auditory and visual experience. The dramaturges, Bijan Nesari and Ghorbanpour himself, have meticulously adapted Mofid’s work to resonate with contemporary audiences while preserving its original essence.

Behind the Scenes: A Dedicated Team

The assistant director, Shahrad Fredotti, ensures seamless execution behind the scenes, aiding in the realization of Ghorbanpour’s vision. The ensemble cast, including Nila Zojaji, Shahrad Fredotti, Sharareh Shahbazi, Neda Patra, Lili Elaha, Mada, and Nazanin Pouredt, deliver compelling performances that breathe life into their characters. The evocative vocals by Sepinood add another layer of emotional depth, enhancing the audience’s connection to the narrative.

A Harmonious Blend of Talent

The musical score by Hamid Saeidi, known for his Grammy-winning compositions, provides a hauntingly beautiful backdrop to the story of “Shaparak.” Saeidi’s music seamlessly blends with the narrative, elevating the emotional stakes and enriching the overall theatrical experience.

Ensuring Artistic Integrity

Legal guidance from Katy Amiri Younesi has been pivotal in navigating the complex legal landscape, ensuring that the production maintains its artistic integrity and adheres to all necessary legal frameworks.

Eraser Studio’s photography not only documents but enhances the legacy of “Shaparak.” Through the lenses of Ali Hoss and Sanaz Mhadi, audiences are invited to witness the magic of this Persian musical masterpiece. The collaborative efforts of the entire production team, from directors to actors and musicians, create a compelling and immersive theatrical experience that honors the legacy of Bijan Mofid’s “Shaparak Khanoom.”