The idea for The Voices Project was born as a touchpoint, a gateway to connect with the issues [in Iran] in a different way. I hope it becomes octane towards unifying this overall movement,” says Hanson from his home in Texas.
The session will revolve around recording “Baraye – For Women, Life, Freedom,” which combines the slogan for the Iranian movement, “Woman, Life, Freedom,” and Shervin Hajipour’s “Baraye.” The latter has been a long-established anthem for the movement and, thus, is up for best song for social change at the upcoming Grammys.
Hanson’s awareness of what’s happening in Iran is tied with “Baraye” being in the running for this new award. Alerted to the events in Iran by an Iranian-American friend, Hanson has been posting about the protests on his socials since last October. This friend asked Hanson if he could help get “Baraye” submitted to the Recording Academy for consideration. Hanson is the president of the Texas chapter of the Academy. When he asked the Academy if “Baraye” was even eligible, he was informed by Academy president Harvey Mason Jr. that it was.

In the voices project, the Eraser Studio team did all BTS photography and recorded videos of some singers. This project was started by Taylor Hanson, Hamid Saeidi, and Katy Amiri Younesi.