For the first time, the Tirgan Festival is coming to Los Angeles. Tirgan combines a variety of music.

Tirgan is an ancient Iranian tradition that is still celebrated in various regions of Iran, including MazenderanKhorasan, and Arak.[1][2][3] It is widely attested by historians such as GardeziBiruni, and Masudi, as well as European travelers during the Safavid era. 

The celebration is dedicated to Tishtrya, an archangel who appeared in the sky to generate thunder and lightning for much-needed rain.

Legend says that Arash the Archer was a man chosen to settle a land dispute between the leaders of the lands Iran and Turan. Arash was to lose his arrow, on the 13th day of Tir, and where the arrow landed, would lie the border between the two kingdoms. Turan had suffered from the lack of rain, and Iran rejoiced at the settlement of the borders, then rain poured onto the two countries and there was peace between them.

It is stated in Biruni’s chronology that “by the order of God, the wind bore the arrow away from the mountains of Amol and brought the utmost frontier of Khorasan between Fergana and Tapuria.”[4] Gardizi has given a similar description, although he notes that “the arrow of Arash fell in the area between Fargana and Bactria.”
In this project, we did some video projection and also the entire concert photography. Also, we help them to create content for their social media. Singers and musicians in this event are Mehrdad Arabi, Ziba Shirazi, Hamed Poursaee, Niusha Noor, and Shamiram and the dancer was Melika Fathi. The event was on June 26th, 2022, in Wilshire Ebel Theater.