Fashion photography is a popular trend, the implementation of which can often be seen on the pages of glossy magazines—photographers working in the genre shoot collections of clothes and accessories, fashion shows, lookbooks, etc.

Do you want to start a career as a fashion photographer and learn how to create impressive fashion photos? To do this, you need to have technical skills and be able to work with the model or walk over photography services Encino. We will talk about this and much more in the article.

Models Walking on a Show

What is fashion photography?

Fashion photography is a genre associated with displaying clothing and other items from the fashion industry. It is considered the highest-paid area of ​​photography with Los Angeles photo studio. You can shoot fashion looks for magazines, fashion designers or catalogs, for brands and shops.

To get high-quality pictures in fashion, a photographer needs:

  • Have basic technical knowledge of using the camera

You need to be able to set an aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. It is also essential to have accessories such as a monopod, reflector, or diffuser. In addition, wide-angle and zoom lenses are worth purchasing.

  • Understanding of light and color theory

It is necessary to figure out which lighting sources are suitable for a particular case and apply them in practice. You also need to be familiar with color theory to create eye-catching shots with ease.

  • Selection of a fashion image

It is necessary to develop an idea for shooting and find a suitable location for a particular piece of clothing or jewelry.

Model on a Cover Page

Types of fashion photography

Fashion photography is a popular genre that offers good wages, hence the high competition. If you want to try your hand at Portrait and Headshot Photography in LA, then immediately choose a direction: you can do photoshoots for catalogs, shoot high or street fashion, do editorial photography.

  • Photoshoot for the catalog

The simplest of the four styles. Its goal is to sell clothing and accessories. If you are at the beginning of your career, this is the best option to help you pump your skills and build an essential portfolio. The branch of catalog photography is a lookbook. It includes shooting models in clothes in everyday situations.

The frames in the catalog are simple: their background is usually white and gray, a minimum of accessories and a small number of props are used. Most often, models stand up straight to show off the outfit, but sometimes they can take other poses to show off the features of the outfit, for example, pockets.

The biggest problem facing a photographer in this style is lighting. It is necessary to use equipment that accurately conveys the details of the clothing and its color.

  • High-fashion

Often the results of a fashion photoshoot with famous supermodels in clothes from fashion designers or favorite brands can be seen on the covers of fashion magazines. This is a rather tricky direction since all the elements of photography, including hairstyles and locations, need to be thought out to the smallest detail.

To create haute couture shots, the first thing you should do is decide on the mood you want to convey. You also need a suitable model: she must have experienced and the appropriate appearance to implement the idea. You can’t do without a good team: makeup artists, stylists, and hairdressers. Choose a suitable place in advance and prepare your equipment: light, a good camera, several lenses.

This is the direction most often taken by world-renowned fashion photographers trusted by the best brands to shoot—for example, Theater & BTS Photography services in LA.

  • Street fashion

Street fashion is often considered the opposite of high fashion. It is not so important what the person is wearing – the photographer should pay attention to the facial expression, the confidence of the model, and what surrounds her.

Professionals who specialize in this style often take pictures of ordinary people on the street, whose image was considered attractive, rather than models. To capture street fashion shots, most photographers use telephoto lenses to capture photos at a distance.

  • Editorial photo session

This is fashion photography that tells a story. Such pictures are taken by the best fashion photographers in the world. You will find editorial photos in magazines and newspapers. Such images are usually accompanied by text that can tell about the designer or create this year’s clothing collection. Typically, these photographs are part of the same theme or concept and refer to a particular designer or model.

The goal of editorials is to create a certain mood and tell a story. These images can include brands and photographs of different styles, from close-ups to long-distance shots. To develop such frames, you will need additional equipment, appropriate makeup, wardrobe, and props for the model.

Model Posing in Black Dress

Fashion photography tips

Fashion photography is a popular genre that offers good wages, hence the high competition. If you want to try your hand at this genre, then immediately choose a direction: you can do photoshoots for catalogs, shoot high or street fashion, do editorial photography.

  • Fashion photography should convey an idea and demonstrate all the benefits of clothing or jewelry

Photographers need to be confident in their abilities. Signs of anxiety, stress, or lack of direction will reflect on the team’s mood. To avoid problems, make a list of shots before shooting and check the availability of equipment for each photo. Also, prepare the location, props, and clothing in advance.

  • Fashion photography should offer the viewer a beautiful, complete image

Collect all the elements together: clothes, makeup, hairstyle, place, and model. If the emphasis is on clothing, use basic makeup and hairstyle to complement the look. For a provocative look, opt for dark, rich makeup and styled hair. For a natural look, use muted pastel colors, delicate makeup, and soft flowing hairstyles.

  • Try to shoot in a studio whenever possible

It is an ideal location for fashion photography because photographers can easily control lighting and stabilize conditions. If you can’t afford a professional studio, you can do a photo shoot at home. Free up space in a room with large windows and attach a white sheet to the window. On a bright sunny day, you’ll have a homemade softbox perfect for even lighting.