If you’re sufficiently entrenched in social media, you may have noticed a phenomenon occurring around Halloween. These days, the holiday has almost split in two: There’s the layman’s Halloween, which plays out in real life at various parties and events before it’s documented and disseminated on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter for mass consumption, and then there’s fashion Halloween, which shows up on all the same social media sites but seems to be utterly void of that real-life aspect. Over the past few years, celebrities have been debuting two, three, and sometimes even four costumes while building up to the holiday. But quite often, these costumes never see the light of day. They live and die on a photo shoot set.
In this project, we did a photo shoot for the Halloween sales campaign for Barabas’s men’s fashion brand. We matched all masks with their existing clothes and shoes. We found a location that matches Halloween situations.