It’s the most wonderful time of the year for brands who want to meet or exceed their annual revenue forecasts — and, of course, for shoppers hungry for deals. Adobe forecasts online sales to surpass the $100 billion mark this holiday season at $107.4 billion. It’s an important time for everyone who participates in the economy, and you want to be prepared.
At the same time, days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday now have less significance than they’ve had since their inception, with all retailers boasting online deals and spreading them throughout November and December. So we looked at industry trends and insights from retailers and analysts to compile tips and tricks to keep in mind as you tackle the next few days of deals. Happy shopping!
Eraser Studios’ photographers did all photoshoots and preparation for this project, including makeup artist, location, and catering. The location was chosen based on Baroque fashion ideas based on the Barabas men’s fashion products. If you look at the picture, there is lots of sculpture, furniture, and other decoration representing the baroque era.