To create a perfect product photography Los Angeles you will need to follow some guidelines or else your product image will not put a strong impact on your customers mind and they will need to review your product in person.

Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone’s camera.

Well, it is true that to get excellent photography, you will need a high-end, 50 MP camera with a 100-millimeter screw-on lens. But if you don’t have a high-end camera it is not a problem because you can also use your smartphone to get a perfect photo. There are many types of products that allow you to shoot the photo from your smartphone camera. The latest phone in the market offers you powerful camera lenses and settings that can help you optimize your shots for any type of surrounding or lighting that you choose for your photography selection. 

Shoot from a tripod for photo consistency.

Having a tripod for your photoshoot can offer you better consistency in your photo. But remember not to place your phone on something unsteady or else it will affect the aim of your lens toward the subject. Also, there is no harm to hold your camera by yourself if you need very few product photos for your e-commerce website. It’s alright if you have a small e-commerce site but when your e-commerce site grows over time you will need to standardize your product photography and there you will need a good tripod for better perfection. It is easy to get a good tripod for an acceptable price. 

Photo of Ginger Beer With Orange Slices

There are two types of tripod Traditional and Flexible.

  • A traditional tripod is available for both the camera and the smartphone.
  • From the name Flexible tripod, you can understand that these tripods are flexible and you can bend its leg to get different angles for your photoshoot.

Choose natural light or artificial light.

If you want to get a perfect photo then you should understand the value of light because there are different types of light that can improve your product photo. If you use the arrangement of the right lighting for your product photography Los Angeles then it will help you to show the critical decision-making product features to the customers when they visit your website. When you provide good product photography on your e-commerce website then the customers will not need to see the product in person. 

Well, there are two types of light sources- Natural light and artificial light. Natural light is simply the sun-light also known as soft light. Artificial light can be taken from bulbs, candles, or fire. It is also called as hard light as it produces a smaller but focused light surface.

 Fill or bounce your light to soften shadows.

No matter what type of light method you use natural light or artificial light, you should understand one thing that hard light can cast a shadow on the opposite end of a product, so try to lessen it.

roduct Photography of a Wine Glass

There are three ways to do it:

Fill Light

For this, you will need less intense light to supplement your main light. The additional light is called a fill light and you can place them on the opposite side of your main light to soften the shadow that the main light causes behind an object.

Flashbulb Bounce Card

The bounce card is used to reflect the main light back on the surface under the product to reduce the shadows.

Standalone Bounce Card

Well, you cannot choose the option of a bounce card if you are using a smartphone or a flashbulb since there is no physical flash available on them. You can make your own standalone bounce card positioned opposite your main light source.

Well, there is no fixed position for your products, light, and bounce card because it can change according to your background. A background should resemble how you want your customers to see your products when they are shopping online. Always remember that background should not be base on how easy they are to create but the way you want your customer to see it.

Use a sweep or portrait mode to emphasize the product.

Choose from a white background or a real-world background for your product photography.

Green Fashion Shoe Photo

White Background: Sweep

It is not easy to do a photoshoot on a white background because the white background can give you little blemishes that a naked eye will not be able to find out, so it’s better to use a sweep to get a perfectly white background.

Well, a sweep is a bendable sheet of paper; you can use its bottom as the surface beneath your product and then curve the sheet of paper into a white wall behind your product. The curves will not be noticed when you do a photoshoot and you will get a perfect product image. 

Real-World Background: Portrait Mode

A real-world background can steal the charm of your photo and it will make you confuse which item in the photo is for sale. If you are using the Portrait mode then try to give depth and emphasis to your product with the help of portrait mode. This mode is also available in smartphones and by using the portrait mode you can blur the background of your image so that you can focus on the product image.

 Shoot a variety of images.

The last tip is once to click a photo for your product doesn’t stop there, try to click a few more variety of photos for your products with product photography Los Angeles so that it will help the customers to understand the product in a much better way. This method will help the customers to not get confused with the product and they can see every side of the product.