Capturing an image that tells you a whole story behind that image is beckoned lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography is a component of photography that focuses on seizing the representations of people or moments of their life or real-life experiences. The main axiom is to tell the story behind that photo moreover how the person felt or understanding about the situation. Children performing his first dance in the school, your first day in college, an incident occurred in your life, a disaster appears in a city, and many more are an example for understanding what is lifestyle photography. The job of a  photographer providing photography services encino is to capture those moments in his camera such that the person relives what occurred at that period at that time.

A photograph tells the whole story by just one photo or a collection of photographs. It doesn’t matter if they are sequenced or not. Nothing is staged in lifestyle picture-taking, everything befalls at the moment. There are many factors you will need to keep in mind prior to the shooting and during the shooting. You will have to get in the comfort zone of one of the clients and get to know them and discuss with them how you are going to do the shoots.

Man Standing in a Valley

You must know the subject on how they feel and how they behave and in what location they get their best emotions out. And try to converge on every single detail in order to get the perfect shot and take burst shots so that you can select before and after shots and select which one suits them best. Try to meet new people and keep traveling to places. Have a social media account and upload your work there to have honest reviews.

Here are some tips you should keep in thought while catching lifestyle portraits : 

Highest focus on details

To get the best shot take a sequence of photographs and focus on every single feature and get the best shot out of it, zoom into the details that deserve a close-up shot, and pay attention to every other element like a father holding his child for the first time in the hospital, cat on the wall and many more. Your client doesn’t know how to get snapped they will deeply appreciate it if you observe every detail and get their best shot rather than snapping just casual shots. Keeping focus is the very first step in lifestyle photography and if you want to grow more you can inquire more photography magazines or photography services encino.

Keep your cameras imminent to you

For a photographer every moment is valuable. You don’t know when the minute arrives and you don’t want to miss that moment and capture that moment on your camera. So keep your camera nearby to get candids. And it is a cardinal rule of lifestyle photogrammetry that doesn’t put your camera aside during lifestyle photography because every moment is valuable you never know when the best comes out. Best photos do come at an unexpected time and that’s when your client is unaware of you and you click their true sentiments.

A Couple Relaxing on a Beach


Conversations always have been proven good for sustaining a good relationship. You should talk to your clients during and before the shoots this creates a type of trust between you two. They don’t take you as a photographer but as a guest. This will help you two to communicate more absolutely and you will be able to understand the client and advise accordingly how to stand and how to pose.

Comfort zone

Make sure you and your client are comfortable. You don’t want to rush things because it will ruin the moment and will disturb the mind of the client and will ultimately affect your results. Most of the clients availing photography services encino find it hard to communicate with a stranger and let them click their photographs that’s why you need to communicate with them and get in their comfort zone. As a photographer, it is your job to do that. You can start by asking them things they are passionate about. If you are apportioning with kids talk to them about cartoons, heroes, dinosaurs, etc they will surely interact with you. Try to simplify the scenario and what type of images you are going to click on, all this reduces some burden from the clients.

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Here in lifestyle photography, you don’t need to focus on light as a major factor, all you care about is the client comfortable with the location and whether the location describes who they are. You should know your subject that where they feel themselves whether it is on a playing ground or on a lazy Sunday you must have answers to all these. All this will help you to decide where to shoot and how to shoot. Always have a backup plan if the client is not sure about the first location you must have a second option.

 Keep Traveling and Clicking

Keep traveling places like parks, cafes, churches, etc or go for treks, meet new people. Try to click as many as the picture you can take this helps you to figure out where you are lacking. Analyze the pattern of your clicking photographs and improve day by day. Lifestyle photography is the same as candid photography but differs in some practices. Focusing on the features will help you to verbalize the story. When you are sure about your work post them for magazines and if possible upload them on social media sites to get honest reviews of people which will definitely help you to grow and have success.