A fashion photographer has a tough job of creating a balanced composition so that they can capture the models according to the background and the environment in or out of a Los Angeles Photo Studio. Also, they have a tough job in creating a focus on the fabrics that their model is wearing.

Model in a Red Dress

Here are few things that let you understand about fashion photography in a Los Angeles photo studio.

Learn the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is an important guideline to ensure that your composition is on point. The first thing before you start the photography is to imagine your frame and divide it into nine equal square parts similar to a tic-tac-toe grid. Now for making a perfect balance to your composition, place your subject at any point where the lines dividing the frame intersect. Well, most modern cameras already have provided a grid line function for assisting in the composition of your shots. The rule of thirds is useful when you don’t know where to place your object or model.

Place your subject into the centre

It is not at all necessary to always follow the photography composition rule you can get the shot the way you like it. The rule of thirds says that your composition should be on point, but sometimes you can ignore that rule and can place your subject in the centre of the frame. But you should remember one thing that if you place your object in the centre, it will make your photo look a bit static and you will not find it interesting.

The main thing to focus on for creating perfect photography is to find a background that can give a balance to your composition. Ask your model to provide some appropriate poses so that it can prevent your photo from being too rigid.

Model Posing in Casual Wear

Create a counterbalance

The most important thing for creating your composition is to create balance. But, there can be a time or situation when you have to place your subject in some unusual place. In that case, you can take the help of a counterbalance to provide balance to your composition. It is simple to use counterbalance and it can give a perfect composition to your image. The way is to add another component like adding another subject in the frame so that it could give a perfect balance to your final image.

Tell a story

The most common mistake done by the new developing fashion photographer is that they do not include any visual narrative or story in their photos. If you ever had seen fashion magazines, there are many different types of photography shown in the magazines that narrate different stories. A good photographer does not need words to describe their stories, they can just use their photos by providing some clues of what’s going on. When you provide this type of image, it attracts people towards itself and forces them to focus on the story that the photographer is trying to tell.

Model Posing in Casual Wear in the Day

Look for appropriate background

Having an appropriate background is very important for balancing your composition.  If you have a background of your choice it will give you an idea of where to place your subject in such ways that it does not affect your composition and provide a perfect balance to your image. But, keep in mind that the color and pattern of your subject should not be similar to your background. If your subject has got an outfit that has complicated patterns and you are not able to match it with the background then try to look for an elaborate backdrop that compliments it. Using the backdrop in such conditions can give a balance to your composition and it will attract the viewer’s eye to the subject or model.

Bring props

Props provide you a logical and relevant theme to your fashion photography. If you do not have an appropriate background for your photography then these Props can help to make your photos more interesting. You can also add some unusual things around your Los Angeles photo studio to give a surrealistic scene to your image. These unusual things can force the viewer’s eye to the centre where your subject is.

Interact with the environment

When you allow your model to feel free according to the environment, it gives them better help in posing and gives you an interesting composition for your image. When your models pose according to their surroundings, it will create a dynamic image.

Let’s take the example of stairs, well if you are using the stairs as your background, try to make your model sit on the stairs that give them relaxation and they will not need to pose a lot.

Model Posing in Streetwear

Try different angles

To be a good fashion photographer, you should not limit yourself to just eye-level angles. Try to explore the environment and try to find different places that you like through which you can photograph your model.

Try to use different angles like taking the picture from above, low, or use the camera by tilting it. If you want your model to be in the mainframe and just focus on her then try to use the low angle to shoot. The lower angle offers you a more focused and big look at your model, also your image gives you a more focused image of the clothes that your model is wearing.

If you use the above angle, this will make your subject look small and let you focus on their eyes, and also gives you a perfect mood capture for your image.

Let the outfit flow

As a fashion photographer, you should know how to portrait your model and the dress they are wearing in a perfect balance way. As you know that the pictures are static, so becomes hard for a photographer to show the texture of the garments in a static picture in a Los Angeles photo studio. The best way is to ask your model, to give a slow run or a spin so that their clothes can flow in the air and you will get a perfect chance to freeze the moment through your camera. Well, if your model’s clothes are not able to flow because they are tight then you can ask them to pose so that you can use their bodies to form a balanced composition for your photo.