Theater photography can be defined as documentation of theatre and also the advertising of the theatre. Documenting the stage, expression of the actors on the stage, and capturing the moments of the audience, realizing the theme of the theatre.

Iconic expressions of the actors or recording of the act are used to promote the activities and also by creating theatre poster can be used for advertisement. The most production house of theatre hires their own photographer for the promotion of the act and theatre.

Some highly reputed theatre have their own advertising team which consists of photographers, a printing department and so many. The theater has always been a great stage for emerging new actors and actresses. As it provides a great opportunity to perform in front of a live audience where there are no retakes. 

A theatre photographer should be quick and responsive to click a photo that will live in the hearts of the audience without disturbing the mood and the environment of the theatre. Theater & BTS photography services in LA is full of emotions as it has the emotions of the act, the feelings of the characters, the energy of the act, and the characters. There are many things a photographer needs to keep in mind where he is in a live show or in an award show. Top-known theatre photographers are Joan Marcus, Andreas Birkigt, Rosemarie Clausen, Ellie Marcus, and many more.

A BTS Photography

Some point’s photographers need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you click the shots during the rehearsal time as they can be used by the production for further publicity.
  • You should know the theatre properly.
  • Have knowledge of every angle around the theatre.
  • Make a video of the show itself during the production week. As it will remain forever in the hearts of the audience.
  • Try to capture the emotions, the mood, and the energy of the character through your photography.
  • Make sure you never upload it on the internet or exchange it with any other production until you receive orders from your production.
  • Have a sharp knowledge of low-light photography.
  • Read the room and act according to that and capture shots without disturbing.
  • Be comfortable with your work.
  • Follow all the rules if you are in a live show or else you will get kicked.
  • Before clicking any picture, ask for their permission first. If they say yes then it’s okay and if no then you should listen to them.
  • Keep in good touch with the lights. 
  • Make sure you wear black so that you won’t disturb the performance or the audience.

BTS Photography stands for Behind the Scenes photography. As its name says, it is the capturing of moments happening in the background. Whether you are filming for a movie or any other show click lots of pictures as much as you can. People love to see what is happening in the lives of their favorite characters during the show or what is happening on the show when they all are free. BTS can be anything like an interview of any character, funny or emotional scenes, or any fun part about the crew members which makes the show more remember able. A good BTS photographer is one who works silently in the background and captures every single moment and every unnoticed scenario. A good Theater & BTS photography services in LA captures the unexpected shots at an unexpected time. The production house also sometimes uses this as a way to increase the traffic.

The Far end of a theater

Some points BTS covers throughout the project:

  • People love to hear about the background of the show. The idea that inspires the creator to make this film or show. Then the creator tells the idea about the show and how it arises in his mind and how he got his desired team or about their auditions. People love to follow these things. 
  • BTS also helps in advertising the show or film. It also increases the fan following of the show or the character. People see these characters as an idol and they want to know more and more about them. 
  • Production often nowadays takes this as a great way of collecting more traffic and fan following for their shows.
  • Some productions often upload these short clips on their social media accounts in order to reach their audience by informing them about their show.
  • Clicking these shots often sometimes creates a masterpiece that creates a great impact.

Well, people who are very creative in their photography feel uninterested if they are asked forTheater & BTS photography services in LA of a short film. But if you are aware of this photography, just remember that you have to pay full attention to what’s going on the set and what your director is directing to provide a perfect shoot of the scene.