A picture is worth a thousand words, that is what they say, and it is surely true because it is worth more and impacts more when we see something than when they tell us about it. Therefore, creating images is an art, as it shows us not only a reality but also conveys a certain feeling; therefore, depending on the techniques used and the types of photography we use, we will achieve to a greater or lesser extent tell what we want. . So, if you are fond of this art or want to learn more about it, don’t miss our post on types of photography and their different techniques.

For a beginner or amateur photographer, it is essential to know and understand the photographic genres. Doing so will open up a world of possibilities and allow you to learn new ways of capturing images to adopt your own style. Check out the list of the most important types of photography and expand your knowledge!

Types of photography

There are many types of photography, depending on how we want to classify it. We can talk about analog or digital photography; another option would be to classify by photographic genre, by technique. Each artist or cameraman has their opinion on this, and in the following, we will see some of these possible types of photography.

When we talk about types of photography, we refer to a way of cataloging and framing each image in a specific theme or technique. So let’s look at some concrete examples extending further from real estate photography in Los Angeles and portrait and headshot photography in LA, And if you already dedicate yourself to the world of photography as a freelancer and want to invoice without risks or complications. Take note!

From digital to analog

Let’s first look at the difference between digital and analog photography. It is an evolution of the photographic technique and its devices. However, today the fashion for retro, analog, and even Polaroid style, that is, instant photography, has returned. Suppose you are already an expert in photography and want to try more artistic and unique works. In that case, we recommend using an analog camera, where you must choose well the film to use, the type of exposure, and later development.

Keep in mind that currently, you can print your photographs on any medium, even analog ones, thus creating new forms and a unique type of art. So, take time to improve your talent and discover new tools to make your art an authentic piece. Do you want to know some applications to edit photos? Find out on our blog!

In terms of genres and styles, there are many types of photography. Mainly documentary, portrait, landscape, social, artistic, or other photography such as night, street, underwater, and aerial photography stand out. However, there are many more alternatives: fashion, famous, event, urban, gastronomic.

The important thing is to define your style and work on it. Most photographers focus on a specific type, so they specialize a lot in one sector, and in this way, they stand out more than other more mediocre or less prepared works. So, if you choose a certain type of photography with which you feel more comfortable and secure, you can create more of your own pieces.

Documentary Photography

If you want to make known realities unknown to many, give visibility and diffusion to specific issues, telling a story through images, you should focus on documentary photography and real estate photography in Los Angeles.

Social Event

Many artists focus more on portraying fleeting moments such as weddings, baptisms, or communions, that is, important events in many people’s lives, which could even be of a commercial or advertising nature.

Landscape Photo

Landscape of Mountains and Clouds

It is the perfect type of photography for nature lovers. However, these photographers also specialize in portraits of spaces; they can be homes and buildings; they are specialists in any type of landscape, whether urban or natural.

Portrait & Art Photography

Eagle Headshot

Some photographers specialize in portraits; that is, they analyze the features of their clients or subjects to be photographed and choose the best light, position, environment … so that when we see the portrait of the person in some way we know it, we connect with her.

Others prefer not to spin so fine and choose to create complex compositions and unique projects through a very personal style that each defines according to their character, personality, instinct. This is how artistic photographers are born; however, this category is very broad and can encompass others because normally what characterizes this type of photography is precisely that it is not a photograph of a moment, nor a circumstance, but rather that it is a thought, elaborated and completely defined project. Therefore, they usually work with a wardrobe, makeup, styling, art direction team. To create an image that has previously been elaborated and seen in the artist’s head.

Street Photo

Camera with Smoke and Background Escalators

This genre became very fashionable in recent years, and many artists specialize in capturing snapshots of urban life in society. These can portray fleeting moments, people, and circumstances that pass quickly and therefore must always be prepared for action. It is a very urban and cosmopolitan style, perfect for those photographers who live in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Aerial and Underwater Photography

Underwater Turtle Photography

With the new technologies, these two types of photography have appeared, both very interesting. On the one hand, thanks to drones and other gadgets, we begin to see beautiful aerial images, taken from very high, which sometimes show unrecognizable spaces and look like fine paintings or textures.

Underwater photography shows us the bottom under the sea. Therefore, it teaches us realities to which we are not used. What is life like under the vast ocean? Many lovers of nature, photography and the seabed specialize in this very specific type of image. This style developed much as the scientific one, which helped a lot with medical advances.